How To Replace HP Laptop Touch Screen 2023

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How To Replace HP Laptop Touch Screen? Hey there! Does anyone want to lend some assistance as I try to replace the touchscreen on my laptop? I’m working on an HP Pavilion 15 and an extremely limited amount of knowledge.How To Replace HP Laptop Touch Screen

How To Replace HP Laptop Touch Screen 2023

How can I fix the issue of the touch screens on laptops from HP replacement?

HP Laptop Touch Screen

This laptop, the HP Pavilion 15-bk020wm or hp ProBook display is used as an illustration for this piece. The methods of maintenance for touch screens from other brands of laptops are comparable. If you’re using Dell/ASUS or Toshiba it is possible to utilize them as a source of information.

How Do I Replace The Touch Screen Of My HP Laptops?

  • Switch off the computer, and disconnect an external gadget. Unplug the power adapter for the computer.
  • Take out the two screws that cover the computer. Unscrew all 12 screws at the top on the machine.

Replace Touch Screen

  • Utilizing the plastic tool for opening to raise the keyboard cover up to the left and right hinges.

Lift The Keyboard Cover

  • Take the keyboard cover up from the lower left corner, close to the touchpad.

Separate Keyboard Cover

  • Take off the blue wire. Lift the cover of the keyboard
  • Turn the keyboard up. Separate from the Blue ZIF cable and connect it to the notebook’s bottom. Utilize the tool for opening plastic to turn both ZIF cables which connect the battery to the motherboard.

Separate ZIF Cable

  • Utilize a Phillips that is located near the battery to take out all four Phillips screws. Take the battery off your laptop.
  • Take the two cables off the motherboard.

Take Two Cables Off Motherboard

  • Unscrew the 10 screws (M2.5×4.4) from the motherboard using the help of a Phillips 03 screwdriver. Take off the fan and raise the motherboard.

Take Screws Off Motherboard

  • Make use of Phillips to remove this screen and remove it from the laptop’s body. Screw size: M2.5 x 4.4.

Remove The Screen Screws

  • Make use of the opening tool made of plastic to raise the hinge of the touch screen to lift the screen out.
  • Find the new touchscreen to connect to your HP laptop.
  • To reassemble the device follow the steps below in reverse sequence.

How To Install A Touch Screen For Your Laptop?

  1. Unplug the power and take the battery out of the laptop. On the notebook’s bottom, there are screws that are fixed to remove them and then remove the drive.
  2. Once the optical drive has been removed, take off all screws at the notebook’s bottom. After that, carefully remove the frame using a flat-blade screwdriver, and then remove the bottom case.
  3. Locate the USB port on the board. Remove the rubber plug from the screen. After taking off the screws that hold the display, take it off. Utilize an afla-blade screwdriver to take the frame off. The frame’s side is secured by a cable, so you must be aware of the cable in the rear when you take it off.
  4. Install the touch screen that we bought in front of the original display. Then start dispersing the cable for the screen.
  5. Concerning the cable that connects to the touch screen, the four-wire connection is crucial and should be taped several times, but the arrangement of the cable should not be messy as it can impact the tightness of the cover.
  6. Remove the cable from the shaft that runs through the screen and insert it into the body.
  7. The computer doesn’t have a touch device, you need to add the control card and line leveling is a good idea. The wire should be soldered onto one of the USB pin, then solder it to your control board along with the USB in the same location, and then check the touch on the screen.

You’ve completed all the steps needed to repair a cracked laptop touch screen, but you’ll need a touch screen for your laptop. You can send us the exact model of your notebook to assist you in finding parts and the correct instructions. The easiest option is to swap the laptop’s screen assembly. You may think that it’s costly but it can help you save time and energy by replacing the touch screen on an HP laptop.

HP Laptop Touch Screen

It is also possible to find laptop components on GEMWON If you aren’t aware of the exact model of the laptop, that’s impossible. Feel free to contact us, and we’ll do to assist you to find the laptop repair components and the information you require.

HP laptops could have issues with their screens, for example, cracked LCD screens or malfunctioning backlights. I hope this post about how to repair an HP touch screen laptop will assist you in replacing your broken laptop’s touch screen.

How To Replace HP Laptop Touch Screen 2023

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